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Marine Corps League of Naples
E.T. Brisson Detachment #063, Naples, FL
Marine of The Year

Marine of the Year 2004 -- Tom Walsh

Marine of the Year 2005 -- Andy Stewart

Marine of the Year 2006--Tony Caliendo

Marine of the Year 2007-- Hank Clemmenson

Marine of the Year 2008:  Nick Marsit

Marine of the Year 2009:  Jerry Van Hecke

Marine of the Year 2010:  Jerry Bray with Lt. Gen Ronald S Coleman

2011 Marine of the Year -- John C MarsH, Sr

Marine of the Year 2012:  
Joe Johnston

Marine of the Year 2013:  Bob Kemp

Marine of the Year 2015:  Jim Brandreth

Marine of the Year 2016:  Jim Buchholz

2017 Marine of the Year:
Dennis "Doc" Hemberger

2018 Marine of the Year
Jack Fulmer

2021 Marine of the Year -- Gary Nasby

2022 Marine of the Year -- Bill Flaishans

2022 Marine of the Year -- Jack Lane

2023 Marine of the Year -- Scott Richardson
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2013 Marines of the Years
Jerry Bray, Jerry VanHecke, Andy Stewart, John Marsh, Joe Johnston, Bob Kemp, Nick Marsit
2015 Marines of the Years
Andy Stewart, Jim Brandreth, Joe Johnston, Bob Kemp
Jerry Van Hecke, Nick Marsit, Jerry Bray, John Marsh
2016 Marines of the Years
Andy Stewart, Jim Buchholz, Jerry Van Hecke Jim Brandreth, Bob Kemp
Jerry Bray, Joe Johnston, Nick Marsit, John Marsh
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2017 Marines of the Year {in attendance}
Jim Buchholz, Andy Stewart, Jerry Van Hecke, George LaMont--Dept of FL,
   Nick Marsit, Jim Brandreth, Joe Johnston, John Marsh
Dennis "Doc" Hemberger and Jerry Bray
2018 Marines of the Year {in attendance}
Jack Fulmer, Jerry Van Hecke, Jim Buchholz, Andy Stewart
Joe Johnston, Jerry Bray, Jim Brandreth
2019 Marines of the Year {in attendance}
Dennis "Doc" Hemberger, Jim Buchholz, Bob Kemp, Jack Fulmer, Nick Marsit
Jerry Bray, Jerry VanHecke, John Marsh, Joe Johnston
Detachment member, John C Marsh, Sr was honored with a presentation at the Department of Florida MCL 2021 Convention .....

2021 Marines of the Year {in attendance}
​Dennis "Doc" Hemberger, Jerry Bray, Joe Johnston, Nick Marsit, Gary Nasby
Jim Buchholz, Bob Kemp
2022 Marines of the Year {in attendance}
​Bill Flaishans, Gary Nasby, Joe Johnston, Jerry Van Hecke, Dennis "Doc" Hemberger,
Bob Kemp, Nick Marsit, Jim Buchholz, John MarsH, Jerry Bray
2023 Marines of the Year {in attendance & available for photo}
Jim Buchholz, ​Bill Flaishans, Scott Richardson, Jerry Van Hecke,
Joe Johnston, John MarsH