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Marine Corps League of Naples
E.T. Brisson Detachment #063, Naples, FL
The Injured Warriors Fund of Florida, LLC
sponsored by
The Dept. of FL Marine Corps League

a 501 (c) (4) Not for Profit Organization
Chartered by The US Congress
>The Fund's Purpose:  
Is to secure funds from the general public to assist those servicemen and women, who are residents of Florida and who have been severely injured in combat while serving in the United States Armed Forces.
Immediate family members of the injured warrior i.e. spouse and dependent children may also be eligible for financial assistance.

>Mission Statement:
The Injured Warriors Fund of Florida, LLC, is a non-profit organization created to provide financial aid and assistance to all severely wounded service personnel and their families.

>Support for the Wounded:
In the short time since initiating the fund in January 2011, the Injured Warriors Fund of FL, LLC has provided significant monetary and other assistance to several injured warriors.  The fund still in its growth phase is continually serving new clients.

>Why The IWFF is needed:
The Fund is needed to provide critical financial assistance to those warriors, including spouses & dependent children, who meet the fund's criteria for assistance.
Financial assistance is provided on a one-time non-recurring basis in an amount determined by the members of The IWFF, LLC in their sole discretion.
Financial assistance will be considered to help the wounded warriors and/or their spouses and/or dependent children to offset expenses of transportation, temporary housing, moderate home improvements and certain daily living expenses, when such daily living expenses are incurred on an emergency basis.  Financial assistance will not be considered for any expense that is covered by an government or insurance program.
>About The IWFF:
The IWFF, LCC is a Florida-based not-for-profit organization which was organized under the laws and requirements of the State of FL, in January 2011.
The sole member of the fund is the Dept. of Florida Marine Corps League, a 501 (c)(4) not-for-profit organization chartered by the US Congress in 1937.  The fund is recognized as a disregarded entity of the Dept fo FL MCL and operates under 501 (c)(4) IRS tax regulations,

>Non Discrimination Policy:
The IWFF, LLC does not and will not discriminate in any manner.  All requests for assistance will be reviewed and considered on an equal opportunity basis without regard  to race, color or creed.

>Privacy Policy:
The IWFF, LLC maintains and enforces a policy to protect the privacy of every  applicant who is seeking assistance.  No information will be made available [other than to the managers of the IWFF, LLC for review and processing purposes only] without the written authorization of the applicant or applicant's representative.  All such requests for information must be submitted in writing along with authorization of the applicant or authorized representative and submitted to the President of the IWFF, LLC.
>Financial Assistance Policy & Procedures:
Any service man or woman who has been severely injured in combat during their service in the US Armed Forces may apply for assistance.  The injured warrior's spouse, caseworker, legal guardian, mother or father may apply for assistance on behalf of the injured warrior.

A request for assistance must be completed on the IWFF Assistance Request Form, which can be downloaded from the fund's website at: 

After completing the required information, the Form is to be mailed, faxed, or scanned & emailed to the individual as indicated on the bottom of the Form.
Requests for assistance will NOT be considered unless submitted on  prescribed Form.
Upon receipt of the completed & signed Assistance Request Form, including any required supporting documents, the IWFF members will review and make a final determination as to approval or denial, including the amount of the award.
The applicant and/or interested parties will be advised as to the final decision.  All decisions are final.
The members of the fund will make every attempt to advise the applicant and/or interested parties within 30 days of receipt of the properly completed Assistance Request Form.

William G Cona, President
PO Box 1257, Largo, FL   33779
Cell:  727.785.6878

Email:  wcona@tampabay.rr.com